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Contractors Directory

Advent Systems Inc.
Aldridge Electric, Inc.
Aldridge Electric, Inc.
Aldridge Electric, Inc.
All Tech Energy, Inc.
Alpha Phase Electric, LLC
Applied Communications Group, Inc.
Argon Electric Company, Inc.
Ashburn Power & Light, Inc.
Block Electric Company, Inc.
Candor Electrical Service
Canino Electric Company
Cattaneo Electric Company
Chatfield Electric, Inc.
City Lights, Ltd.
Concur Electric Company, Inc.
Connelly Electric Company
Contech The Fire Alarm Company
2020 Gold Sustaining Member
Continental Electrical Construction Company
2019 Gold Sustaining Member
Continental Energy Solutions
2019 Gold Sustaining Member
Contractors Power and Light Company
Cowan Electric, Inc.
Crosstown Electric, Inc.
Dailey Electric Co., Inc.
Dual Temp A Wholly-Owned Subsidary of Clauger
Durkin Electric Company
Electric Conduit Construction
Electrical Design Systems Corporation
FourGen Holdings, Inc.
2019 Gold Sustaining Member
G & M Electrical Contractors Company
Gibson Electric & Technology Solutions
Grand-Kahn Electric, Inc.
GS Electric Company
Gurtz Electric Company
H & H Electric Company
Hard Rock Concrete Cutters, Inc.
Hardt Electric, Inc.
Hartmann Electric Company, Inc.
Helm Electrical Services, Inc.
High Voltage Electric Testing & Maintenance, Inc.
Homestead Electrical Contracting, LLC
Huen Electric, Inc.
Interstate Electronics Company
Intren Inc.
Jamerson & Bauwens Elect. Cont., Inc.
2019 Gold Sustaining Member
John Burns Construction Company
Kadlec Electric, Inc.
KB Advanced Technologies
2019 Gold Sustaining Member
Kelso-Burnett Company
2020 Gold Sustaining Member
Kelso-Burnett Company
2020 Gold Sustaining Member
Kelso-Burnett Company
2020 Gold Sustaining Member
Kelso-Burnett Company
2020 Gold Sustaining Member
Kelso-Burnett Corporate Headquarters
2020 Gold Sustaining Member
Kordick Electric Company, Inc.
Kroeschell Engineering Company
L.L.D. Electric Co.
LaCrosse Electric Company www.
Lauderdale Electric, Inc.
Linear Electric, Inc.
Lombardi Electric, Inc.
Lyons Electric Company
Malko Communication Services, LLC
Marchione Electric, Inc.
Maron Electric Company
McWilliams Electric Company, Inc.
McWilliams Electric Company, Inc.
MDI Electrical Construction, Inc.
Meade Inc
MECO Electric Co Inc
Medlin Communication, Inc.
Midco, Inc.
Midwest Interstate Electrical Construction Company
Mohawk Electric Construction Company
Moran Electrical Contracting
Nesko Electric Company
PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Pinnacle Services Inc.
Pinner Electric Incorporated A Division of Lyons Electric Company
PMI Energy Solutions, LLC
Prospect Electric
Quantum Crossings, LLC
Red Hawk Security Systems d/b/a Chubb Security Systems
Rosset Electric Company
Roughneck Concrete Drilling and Sawing Company
Shamrock Electric Company, Inc.
2019 Gold Sustaining Member
Sharlen Electric Company
Suarez Electric Company
Super Electric Construction Company
Taylor Electric Company
Terrance Electric & Technology Company
Gold Sustaining Member
Titan Electric
Videotec Corp.

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